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Singing and Teaching Singing - version 2Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice
Janice L Chapman

Preface to the Second Edition
The second edition of Singing and Teaching Singing: A Holistic Approach to Classical Voice gives me an opportunity to correct some misunderstandings about the application of the Accent Method to classical singing, and to refine and correct some things from the first edition which have come to light since publication.

Ron Morris and I have attempted to clarify the use of the Accent Method of breathing as a highly effective remedial and training technique appropriate for all singers and students. This valuable resource (in its gross form as a Speech and Language Therapy tool, where the belly wall moves athletically towards the spine on phonation, and out again on inhalation) has proved highly effective with singers, but the performer's body when trained, and functioning efficiently should not show gross belly wall activity. During remedial work and training, the vigorous movement of the tummy is used initially to ensure that the correct muscles are engaged in the correct order for supported airflow. When coordinated with the muscles used for supporting the classical voice, the movement of the belly wall both in and out is subtle and discrete. However, palpation may be needed to ensure that the muscle tone of the rectus abdominis is soft and not braced or rigid in singing. Research is currently underway to validate anecdotal evidence gathered so far.

I have included a description of the "ultimate tongue release" exercise, and also added in the "puffy cheeks" exercise, which I hope readers will enjoy and find useful. John Rubin has updated his chapter (Chapter 11) with news of some new research underway about the use of the transverse abdominis muscles in vocal support strategies. Marilyn McCarthy refined and updated Chapters 9 and 10.


Foreword to the First Edition
By Robert T. Sataloff MD, DMD
Chairman, Board of Directors, The Voice Foundation

Janice Chapman has been not only a highly successful singing teacher, but more importantly an international role model for interdisciplinary open mindedness in vocal pedagogy. Throughout her career, she has combined a solid knowledge of traditional voice teaching with an active commitment to deepen her understanding of the voice.

Over the last few decades, as physicians, scientists, speech-language pathologists, singing teachers, and acting teachers have collaborated in the evaluation of voice medicine and voice science as new specialties, our goal has always been to improve the care and training of our patients and students. Just as medicine has developed by integrating understanding and concepts from the voice studio, voice pedagogy has advanced by incorporating medical facts, scientific methodologies and analytical rigor into traditional studio approaches.

This book offers the insights of one experienced and successful teacher of singing and teacher of teachers. It is a fine example of progression from eighteenth century teaching tradition to pedagogical enlightenment of the twenty-first century. This process is defined by intellectual curiosity and interdisciplinary insights, superimposed on classical excellence and a willingness to change; and it represents the best of the present state of voice education and the hope of the future for teaching and learning.
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